2018 Lecture Series at Klinkhart Hall Arts Center


Bob Gasparini on the Genetics of Cancer

Friday August 17, 2018 at 7:30 PM  
the Star Theater in Cherry Valley NY.
Tickets $20

(all proceeds benefit Klinkhart Hall Arts Center, Inc.)

**contact heidi@klinkhart.org to reserve a place**

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We hope you will join us on Friday, August 17 to hear Bob Gasparini, Sharon Springs resident and former President and Chief Scientific Officer of NeoGenomics Laboratories, talk about the role of genetics is diagnosing and treating cancer. (Click here to read more about the speaker.)

The lifetime risk of Americans developing some form of cancer is now nearing 50%, so this is an issue that affects us all. Since 2008, the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified every cancer by its genetic mutation. The prevailing theory on what causes cancer is that it is a two-hit process: first we are all born with certain genetic predispositions or hotspots on our DNA, and second, we are exposed to a “trigger” in the environment that leads to a cancerous process. 

Mr Gasparini is uniquely qualified to help us explore the role of the genetics laboratory in diagnosing cancer, in determining a patient’s prognoss and in determining how our genome or DNA can play a role in helping select the best possible therapy for your particular cancer… a treatment strategy known as “personalized medicine”. He will also address the concept of a "cure for cancer" and what that means, and there will be time for questions. 

Please be sure to mark your calendar now and join us on Friday, August 17 at 7:30 PM for an interesting and informative evening.

Many thanks to our friends at Cherry Valley Artworks for making the Star Theater available to us for this presentation. Visit their website at www.cvartworks.org to see all the other events going on there.


What's the Lecture Series all about?  A lot of interesting people call Sharon Springs home, and a lot of interesting people who live nearby have a special interest in our community.  From time to time we ask some of them to participate in the Lecture Series, which gives you a chance to hear extraordinary people talk about extraordinary things -- and a chance to support Klinkhart Hall Arts Center, Inc.

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About the 2017 Lecture Series . . .

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The final event in its 2017 Lecture Series took place on Saturday  October 14.  Neuroscientist and science blogger  Dr. J.B. Goss talked about  The Metaphysics of Science. (Dr. Goss delivered the first Klinkhart Hall lecture in 2015 on Sleeping and Dreaming: The Owner's Manual.) Read more about the speaker here.

Nancy DiPace Pfau with husband, and former Lecture Series speaker, Dr. Richard Pfau. (click image to enlarge).

The fourth event in the 2017 Lecture Series took place on Saturday September 16. Sharon Springs resident and Village Historian Nancy DiPace Pfau delivered a lively, informative, illustrated lecture on Diversity in Sharon Springs: From Native Americans until Today. Click here to read more about the speaker.

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The third event in its 2017 Lecture Series took place on Saturday July 15.  Kat Kinsman, noted personality, writer, and sometime Sharon Springs resident delivered a lively talk and a reading from her newly published memoir, Hi, Anxiety: Life With a Bad Case of Nerves (Harper Collins, 2017)   Click here to read more about the speaker.

Dr. Richard Pfau, with wife and future Lecture Series speaker, Nancy Pfau. (click image to enlarge).

The second event in its 2017 Lecture Series  took place on Saturday, June 18. Dr. Richard Pfau,  local resident and Professor of U.S. Foreign Policy at Hartwick College, delivered a dynamic and broad-ranging talk on Contemporary Foreign Policy.  (click here to read more about the speaker).



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Klinkhart Hall Arts Center began its 2017 Lecture Series on Saturday April 15 with a joint reading and discussion by local residents and well-known literary figures Jean Hanff Korelitz and Pulitzer Prize winning poet Paul Muldoon (click here to read more about the speakers).




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